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GaiaRecycle Addresses Global Recycling Issue

Food waste is the largest component of all waste items discarded in landfills by weight. This accounts for approximately 16% of municipal solid waste, while only 2.5% of such waste is recycled nationwide.

Recycling of food waste is an urgent environmental issue that must be addressed now. Food waste decaying in landfills emits methane, a potent greenhouse gas (over 20 times worse than CO2) that contributes to climate change.

Today, food waste recycling is in its infancy. GaiaRecycle’s mission is to provide essential innovative technologies to effectively recycle food waste -- turning waste into useful resources.

Innovation & Quality in Organic Waste Recycling

Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, GaiaRecycle, provides innovative food/organic waste recycling solutions that are ideal for industries including food service providers, food retailers, food producers, livestock processing plants, compost facilities and transfer stations.

GaiaRecycle products include Modular machines (66 lbs to 2 tons/day capacity), and Plant-Size systems (up to 100+ tons/day capacity), and an Anaerobic Digestion solution for producing clean, renewable energy from organic waste. GaiaRecycle is designed to efficiently process a wide variety of materials including mixed food scraps, poultry bones, seafood shells, paper products and liquids without causing jamming or downtime.

GaiaRecycle employs the patented technology developed by Gaia Corporation in Korea and its nearly 20 years of research and operational experience, to turn mixed food scraps and other organic waste into a sterilized, easy-to-handle dehydrated output material.* Gaia systems have been in full production since 1992 and deployed in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications in over eight countries.

The inventor of the Gaia technology and system was the head of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. He developed a solution for eliminating the intense smell caused by large amounts of seaweed that were accumulated from the seawater used to cool nuclear facilities. Reflecting this development, the Gaia system was invented as an on-site solution to safely process and decompose the seaweed material.

Since its original design, the Gaia system technology has evolved to today’s highly-effective food waste recycling systems. GaiaRecycle leverages Gaia’s proven technology coupled with the state-of-the-art clean technology and business innovations from Silicon Valley to bring the latest in organic waste recycling to the United States.

GaiaRecycle is proud to be a member of the following associations:

American Biogas Council Member US Composting Council Wastec Member

A GaiaRecycle associate holds an individual membership in the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

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* We recommend an analysis on the output material to determine its best application.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose GaiaRecycle

  1. Addition of food scraps during processing
  2. Volume & Weight Reduced Up to 90%
  3. Recycling capacity 220lbs - 100+ tons/day
  4. Recycling processing time: 8 - 11 hours
  5. Patented shredder & blade design
  6. Proprietary 6-step deodorizer process
  7. No microorganisms, enzymes, water or additives required
  8. Simple, push-button operation
  9. Animal oil extraction system
  10. Reduces transportation costs

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